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🤩 OpenTaskAI is delighted to co-host this Explore the new dimensions of 🪐AI+ Utopian Metaverse with SecondLive.
💌 We warmly invite you to unveil a new chapter in 3D creation, experiencing an unprecedented form of presentation!
🏄‍♂️ Embark on this mysterious journey, diving into the Utopian Metaverse's 3D modeling carnival.
🌟 Initiate a unique 3D creation journey, becoming a pioneer in the era of AI.
🎁 Join us, create together, and win big prizes!
Work Creation and Submit
12:00 UTC, Mar 4
12:00 UTC, Mar 25
Selection Period
12:00 UTC, Mar 26
12:00 UTC, Mar 31
Winners Announcement
Apr 1


Step1: Please go to SecondLive and browse any project side brand gallery
According to the brand space features, create utopian metaverse related theme works.
Step2: Use the 3D creation tools to create your work
Do not limit any 3D tools, welcome any combination of new AI tools, Tripo or Meshy.
Step3: Share your 3D work on Twitter
Share your work on social media with Tag #SecondLive & OpenTaskAI 3D Design Competetion and @OpenTaskAI & SecondLive
Step4: Submit your work
Click Submit button to open the entry submission form, complete the submission.


- 1st -
$300 USDT + 10,000 $BEANPrize
- 2nd -
$150 USDT + 5,000 $BEANPrize
- 3rd -
$70 USDT + 3,000 $BEANPrize

Design Requirement

1. Contestants are required to design 3D works that align with the theme "Utopian Metaverse" and reference the brand pavilion space image in SecondLive.
2. The final output of the work should be in GLB, STL file format or video file.
3. There are no restrictions on the design software for this competition; entries must be original content created by the individual. The use of various AI tools for creation is encouraged and can earn better impressions for your work.
4. Contestants must retain the source files of their entries to ensure they can be exported for display use.
5. It is recommended that the resolution of the work be as clear as possible for optimal presentation of your work!
6. Multiple tweets allowed from one Twitter account, but each account is eligible for only one prize.

Selection Criteria

iconCulture3D model quality, Topic relevance of utopian metaverse
iconResonatingTweet content, and Twitter engagement. Multiple tweets allowed from one Twitter account, but each account is eligible for only one prize
iconCreativityCheating and plagiarism strictly prohibited, with unique design and creative ideas